Wired up an API for ratings. Read only for the most part – but a step in the right direction.

Enjoy it starting here: https://ratewings.com/api/ratings/


My Ratings

Visible changes: Added Facebook logins and ability to track your own ratings, i.e. search for “Mine”. Also fixed the browser location detection functionality.


Non visible changes: Moved DB to RDS. Using ansible to deploy site. https enabled. Allauth installed. blue-green deployment advanced – not quite perfect.

Hello World

Started this project maybe a year ago and am just getting to a blog now, so let’s catch up shall we?

Early 2013: Registered the RateWings.com domain and began playing with different technologies for the website including flask and then django

Early 2014: Settled on django as the technology to run the site and got it into what I’d call an “Alpha/Prototype” state

April 2014: We submitted ourselves to the Manchester Young professionals Start-Up challenge contest but didn’t even make the semi-finals

May 2014: The website is live: RateWings.com – and we’ve got 67 ratings from the efforts of friends and family

Today: Added a blog to the site 🙂

What’s next == good question… stay tuned