Redeployed to ECS

Did some modernization on how I run RateWings in the cloud. Instead of renting an entire computer from Amazon Cloud, I put RateWings into a container and told Amazon Cloud to run it however it likes. This should save some money on the infrastructure bill to keep the site running.

As always, I use RateWings to learn new technologies. This time it was Docker and ECS. I’ve been using Docker for development reasons for a while, but now the same image I build for development is being used to run the site in production. ECS is Amazon’s Elastic Container Service which is designed to allow users to quickly use as many instances of their services as needed to handle existing load. For me, this means use almost no resources as the site doesn’t generate much load at all.

I’ve still got some DNS tricks to figure out to make things 100% automated, but I can now push a change to the site (build new image, push to ECS, update Dyn DNS) in under 2min.